Keto Snacks Could Be Sabotaging Fat Burning

Keto Snacks Could Be Sabotaging Fat Burning

Healthy keto snacks could be sabotaging your body fat burning. Based on my personal experience, I DO NOT support eating keto snacks if weight loss. Snack foods, including keto snacks, has become a multibillion-dollar industry where manufacturers push an array of FAKE foods loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, chemicals, and artificial coloring.

Advocates of healthy keto snacks or eating frequently argue snacks or “mini-meals” curb appetite, stabilize blood sugar, and help you eat less during a subsequent meal. I disagree!

When you eat, blood sugar and insulin levels increase. Insulin delivers the blood sugar from your bloodstream to your cells/tissues, then to your liver and muscle for storage (glycogen).

However, we have a limited capacity for storage so guess what? If you’ve still got sugar hanging out in your blood, your liver repackages it as triglycerides. Insulin then stores those triglycerides as, you guessed it, body fat!

So, when you eat a meal or snack, even a keto snack (unless it is pure fat) you raise insulin levels. Granted, those 100-calorie snack packs will raise insulin more than a handful of almonds, but snacking raises insulin, period!

Now I know what you are thinking, some studies show snackers stay leaner than non-snackers. Here’s the truth about snacking studies. People who eat high-fiber, whole food snacks tend to be more conscious about their eating habits OVERALL! They are more likely to have a salad with chicken and avocado for dinner than nose dive into a platter of nachos.

You get my point, right?

If you start snacking just as your blood sugar and insulin levels are normalizing, they will promptly rise again, even if you have a ‘healthy keto snack’ such as nuts.

In other words, snacking keeps insulin levels elevated, which makes your body more readily able to store body fat and even more troubling…stalls your ability to burn body fat for fuel.

But I get it: occasionally you won’t feel full and satisfied… you’ll need a snack.

So, if you need to snack, here are my TOP 5 favorite healthy keto snacks.

🍊 Guacamole w/cut-up cucumbers and celery
🦃 Sliced natural turkey (or your preferred deli meat) wrapped in cheese and romaine lettuce⠀
🐟 Albacore tuna mixed with chopped apple, celery, red onion, and Primal Kitchen mayo ⠀
🌰 Handful of mixed, salted nuts (I love this one)
💧 BONUS!: Water…drink water 💧

Limit your healthy keto snacks and eat portions that are satiating and nourishing.  ⠀

Your health struggles are not your fault…..but they are your responsibility. 

Valerie Grosso RDN

The Rebel Dietitian With A Mission

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