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Develop the skills you need to ignite effortless weight loss, crush cravings, get leaner, feel amazing, and defy disease.  These self-paced programs are designed to get you RESULTS fast with step-by-step, easy to follow dietitian created programs.  If you have chronic health challenges like type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or health frustrations like constant weight struggles, fatigue, and constant food cravings...I have a program that’s just right for you!

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Kickstart your metabolism by adopting a low-carb/keto lifestyle. Every day for one week you’ll read the easy to follow instructions and execute the daily task so you can reboot your metabolism and ignite fat burning.

8 Week approach to eating that puts you in control of your weight, health, and blood sugar by improving your metabolic health. You will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.


Discover clinically proven steps to naturally normalize blood sugar, lose weight, reduce medications, and reclaim your health, all while reversing your type 2 diabetes and making you feel unstoppable!

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Kickstart YOUR Health Transformation Today.
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“Valerie changed my life. I have lost over 30 pounds, no longer need high blood pressure medicine, and my parkinson's tremors have disappeared.  Your programs have been the best experience for me. I feel great and can finally fit in my skinny jeans!”

-Dorothy Z.