Your Health Struggles Are Not Your Fault!

Imagine a world plagued by unlimited access to medicine, but yet disease has reached epidemic proportions.


Your Health Struggles Are Not Your Fault but, they are your responsibility. The dependency on medication has turned to necessity as illnesses have become commonplace. But, the real secret to health lies in our food, not in a prescription bottle. The population is blinded by the power of money controlled by big businesses…….

Does this world sound familiar to anyone??…it should! It’s not the future. This is the world in which we NOW exist! Our sickened population has reached epic numbers and death due to chronic disease is more prevalent than ever before. But why?? Don’t we have just about any type of drug for just about any type of sickness? Aren’t the pharmaceutical companies…our so-called ‘Big Pharma’ keeping our best health interests in mind as they continue to make billions and billions of dollars…….I think NOT!


Sadly, you’re worth more sick than healthy.  


What does this mean??….Why do I say this??….because I don’t believe the pharmaceutical industry is here to help. They have long been by our side, but nowhere around when our sickness needs to be saved. Ironically, it makes total sense.  Why heal you with medical intervention, when keeping you sick is a more profitable investment? Yeah, it’s an investment, but not in your health. It’s an investment in your SICKNESS!

If we take a look at some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories surrounding Big Pharma, you will see the ideas centered on the drugging of America for profits……now, I am not saying we should believe everything we see and hear….but look around….look around you and tell me… we look healthy? Does it appear we are being healed? 


Can we truly say Big Pharma supports our health….or our sickness?


Our Big Pharma, let’s say is comprised of corporations, regulators, politicians, NGOs (non governmental organizations), and even some of our physicians, all with an investment in a multi-trillion dollar industry continue to prescribe the ‘quick-fix’. This is the basic idea of pharmacology. But, what we must also realize is that not all medical interventions are successful….this is why we have side effects…some even lethal. Even when everything is done correctly, prescribed perfectly, and administered in a timely manner……we are still gambling with our health (Blaskiewicz, 2013)! 


Is this a game you are willing to play with your health?


Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News reported as of November 2019, the top 10 pharma companies generated a market cap of over $1.7 trillion!! Year after year, pharmaceutical intervention has become a top money maker. Sadly, we have become dependent upon poppin’ a pill to solve our sickness. This only masks the underlying issue as we continue to numb our pain.


Our health, or un-health as I would say, has become a trillion dollar industry.  


Patterns of prescription drug use may reflect underlying patterns of health conditions. Polypharmacy, defined as the use of five or more prescription drugs, is more common in our aging population (40-79 years) where multiple chronic conditions exist. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 7-10 adults between the age of 40-79 years used at least 1 prescription drug within the last 30 days, and around 1 in 5 used at least 5 prescription drugs (Hales, C., Servais, J. & et. al., 2019) 


It’s time for us to start thinking outside the bottle.  


We have the tools and resources to heal ourselves, without the dependency of prescription medication. 


It’s called NUTRITION, and it will undoubtedly save your life. 


The secret to health and longevity lies in our food and food behaviors, not at the bottom of a bottle. At we believe in a new way of thinking….a new way of healing. Nutrition can be a more powerful intervention than prescription drug use will ever prove effective. If you look at the most common underlying problem when dealing with chronic illness, it will always lead back to nutrition. Why do we continue to ignore the fact a nutritional disease can be fixed with medication? 


You can’t out-exercise a bad diet and you can’t out-medicate bad nutrition.


We have all fallen victim to the long held belief western medicine is powerful and will save us from ourselves. We can’t continue to stick our heads in the sand, and believe our sickness does not exist. Think about your nutrition as the ‘new med’ to a long and healthy life. 


No longer should we play to eat, rather let’s eat to play… hard for years to come!  


Hippocrates once said “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.  


Your health struggles are not your fault…..but they are your responsibility. 

YOUR NUTRITION MISSION…should you choose to accept it:  Lets rebel together, challenge the status quo, and feel unstoppable!


Valerie Grosso RDN

The Rebel Dietitian With A Mission

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Join My Movement. Let's Be Rebels Together!