The Rebel Rising – My Story

Hi, I’m Valerie…


I empower men and women to naturally normalize metabolism, ignite body fat burning, crush cravings, and defy disease, ultimately, restoring health, strength, and happiness.  I am leading a movement of rebellious people who are breaking away from ineffective and confusing methods of managing health and disease. 


I am a Registered Dietitian, Metabolic Training Specialist and clinically trained in low-carbohydrate and ketogenic nutrition lifestyles and treatment protocols. 


I have been granted the designation of Low Carb USA Preferred Provider. 


I was also awarded The Arizona Health Care Association Leadership Professional of the Year for developing and implementing corporate wellness programs that resulted in thousands of pounds of weight loss that radically changed the lives of people just like YOU! 


BUT…things certainly weren’t always this way!


Years ago, as I started my career, spending endless hours researching and testing nutrition and lifestyle strategies, I learned a valuable lesson.  There is a ton of confusing, conflicting advice out there leading us down a dark health path. Ideas, fads, and strategies that won’t help, that won’t truly solve problems, and in fact become more harmful as time unfolds.


For many years, I personally suffered with an unhealthy relationship with food.


With no defined trigger, my life became the ultimate challenge.  I developed a serious eating disorder.  

My obsessive and distorted relationship with food influenced every aspect of my life and impacted my mental, physical, and social health.


My poor body image, low self-esteem, lack of self-control, and social withdrawal, made my life an absolute nightmare.


When I was 18 years old, my doctor told me the damage I was doing to my body would be everlasting. Still, my choices and behaviors didn’t change.  For 15 years the battle between me and my body raged on. Addiction and a complete lack of willpower had overtaken me. I struggled with the idea of health, and was forced to take a hard look at how nutrition could KILL me…or save my life.


I made a commitment to find a way to live longer, stronger, healthier, and happier.


I attacked my problem by becoming a dietitian who was obsessed with helping as many people as I could.  I got into it. Really into it. However, I discovered that “best practices” in healthcare were certainly best practices for corporate healthcare organizations and drug companies, but not necessarily for patients.


What I found is that most healthcare practitioners just mask symptoms with drugs, giving patients temporary relief that often comes with nasty side effects.


We are using 20th century medicine to solve 21st century health problems


However, I wanted something more. I wanted to get to the root cause of chronic disease.  And I didn’t want to just cover up my clients’ symptoms for a few days or weeks… 


…I wanted to transform their lives and heal them. And that’s when I became a REBEL!


My insatiable thirst for knowledge gave me the power to rebel and break away from the old standards of care.  As a result of studying with the top experts and clinicians around the world, I have dedicated my life to making disease and sickness DISAPPEAR!  After working with thousands of clients I developed a new belief system based on innovative approaches to health that REVERSE DISEASE.


I’ve discovered the best kept secret in medicine is the body’s natural ability to heal itself, given the right conditions, and in doing so we eliminate the cause of sickness in the first place. 


The results have been far better than I could have ever imagined.


My clients lose weight effortlessly, reduce and eliminate medications, and wake up every day without pain and fatigue.  Most importantly, they feel healthy, happy, alive, and excited about life.


Now it’s YOUR turn.  I believe we are all capable of extraordinary health.


So, here’s my mission each and every day…

I will rebel against ineffective and confusing health advice and equip you with simple, step-by-step plans to defy disease, live longer, live stronger, and live happier.  When you look and feel your best, life is better.


If you are willing to fight for your health, I will never stop fighting for you! 


Valerie Grosso RDN

The Rebel Dietitian With A Mission

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Now it's your turn!

If you’re willing to claim great health and longevity as your birthright, I will give you all the support I can and never stop fighting.

Join My Movement. Let's Be Rebels Together!

Join My Movement. Let's Be Rebels Together!