How Reliable Is Nutrition Research?

How reliable is nutrition research and recommendations?

Do you ever wonder how researchers determine how much participants ate or drank? Do you wonder how reliable nutrition research is?
Typically, consumption data is assessed by administering a questionnaire called, Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ). These ask participants how much of X do you consume per day, or week, or month and then make the assumption that this intake will not change over then next 10, 20, 30 years. These questionnaires also rely on our ability to remember what we ate yesterday, last week, or last month. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle to remember what I ate for lunch yesterday… I think you get my point.

FFQ are also very inaccurate, yet, researchers and government food policy makers rely on them to “predict” health outcomes and to provide us with data to make recommendations on what Americans should or should not eat and drink.

Another problem with most nutrition research is that there are endless confounders. Many other factors will influence health like alcohol consumption, BMI, smoking, exercise, education, age, gender, total caloric intake, varied macronutrient intake (carb, protein, fat), caffeine, fruit and vegetable intake, and much more. So again, if so many other factors influence health, how accurate are the Nutrition Guidelines For Americans.
In my opinion, it is time to look at YOU…and your individual state of health and goals.
The best interventions will be personalized and optimized to YOU, not the entire population.
Your health struggles are not your fault…..but they are your responsibility. 
YOUR NUTRITION MISSION…should you choose to accept it:  Lets rebel together, challenge the status quo, and feel unstoppable!

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Join My Movement. Let's Be Rebels Together!